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team member

Kalyan Singh

Corporate Professional, Industry Exposure of 32 Years
Kalyan Singh has been associated with this Company right from its inception. He has built the blocks of the Company and has in depth knowledge on the nuances of the gas industry. His dexterity and competence lies in the trust that "Shivam Industrial Gases" has created in minds of both stakeholders and customers. It is with Mr Kalyan Singh initiative that Shivam Gases today has set its foot in the national arena to compete with other national gas players.
team member

Shrawan Singh

Pioneer in Industrial Gases Industry, having Exposure of 28 Years
Shrawan Singh a seasoned entrepreneur with a multitude of experience in the Indian Gas Industries. Mr Shrawan Singh had conceived the Company Shivam Industrial Gases in the year 2015. He had since then expanded the Company and enabled it to make its mark in the national forum. Apart from Shivam Industrial Gases, Mr Shrawan Singh is engaged in the business Pioneer in Industrial Gas Industry.